Blue Haven

In February 2011, Wyong Shire Council approved a 109 lot residential subdivision for Menindee Ridge in Blue Haven.

The development was constructed over four stages, with the final stage completed in March 2016.

Settlement of two sales lots and one remain unfinished as at 30 June 2016.

Darkinjung has marketed and sold 98 lots with the remaining 11 lots being developed by the Land Council for inclusion in our Affordable Housing Program and other community benefit schemes.

During 2016, Darkinjung commenced construction on four dual-occupancy villas which
Are due for completion in September 2016.

Construction of another two dual-occupancy villas is due to commence in August 2016. Darkinjung

Has commissioned a design for a further two dual-occupancy villas and is currently in the Process of lodging a Development Application with Central Coast Council.

Darkinjung has had lengthy discussions on a suitable use for lots 329 and 330 of Menindee Ridge. Consensus appears to lean towards the development of medium density accommodation suitable for housing Darkinjung’s Elderly Members. 
 Please make note that all lots have now been sold. 

Click here for progress photographs.